The Association of Dress Historians invites you to attend its annual conference:

Survival and Revival:

Clothing Design that Survives and Fashion Trends that

Are Revived


International Conference of Dress Historians

Saturday, 31st October 2015

The Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3AT, UK

A special Early Bird rate is available for those who book by 1st September:


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Tickets include an exciting day of twenty papers delivered across two concurrent panels, tea and networking sessions, buffet luncheon, and an evening wine reception.

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For more information about the conference, please contact Jennifer Daley, ADH Events Secretary, at:  

The following speakers (listed in alphabetical order) are scheduled to present at the conference:

Jacqui Ansell (Christie’s Education London), Survival or Revival? The Central Tension surrounding Enquiries into Welsh Dress

Maite Mendez Baiges (University of Málaga), Survival and Revival of Military Fashion Trends: Dazzle and Camouflage in Womenswear since 1919

Andrew Breer (King’s College London) and Jennifer Daley (King’s College London), Forty-Four Buttons: The Survival of the Coatee Uniform

Amber Butchart (London College of Fashion), Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood: Political Pirates of 1981

Paula D. Davis (Bucknell University, Pennsylvania), Layers of Memories: Stories of Balkan Traditional Folk Dress

Alexandra Elias (Syracuse University, New York) and Amanda Willey-Martin (University of Central Arkansas), The Survival of Femininity in American Military Dress:  Women and Uniforms during the Second World War

Ariane Fennetaux (Université de Paris, Diderot), Tie-on Pockets: The Survival of a Dress Accessory through Evolution and Adaptation

Thomas P. Gates (Kent State Universit), Irene of Hollywood: Examining Sources for Her Fashion Revivals, 1942-1962

Earlecia Richelle Gibb (Independent Scholar, New York), Peel Power: Reclaiming the Black Women’s Body through Representations of Josephine Baker’s 1925 Banana Skirt

Sadie Harrison (University College London), The Heritage of Doc Brown: Credibility and Appearance in the History of Science

Tetiana Kutsyr (National Academy of Sciences, Lviv), Ukrainian Dress: From Folk Costumes to National Symbols

Janet Mayo (Independent Scholar, Bristol), Survival of the Cassock: Clerical Dress from the Sixth Century

Scott Hughes Myerly (Independent Scholar, Indiana), British Army Fashion and ‘Second-Hand Orientalism’: Survival and Revival, Fantasy and Mentality, from 1670

K. Briana Oliver (Royal College of Art/Victoria & Albert Museum), The Revival of the Louis Heel and the Survival of Bespoke Shoe Making Techniques

Maria Papadopoulou (University of Copenhagen), The Chlamys: Cloak of Wool and Symbol of Macedonian Culture

Lorraine Hamilton Smith (London College of Fashion), Hello Boys: How Wonderbra Survived the Bra Wars of 1994

Lou Taylor (University of Brighton), From Normandy Rag Dump to Hobo Chic: The Shifting Values Attached to One Collection of Dress

Tara Tierney (Independent Scholar, London), The Second Summer of Love: Investigation into the Revival of the Hippy Aesthetic for Women in Early British House Music, from mid 1987 to mid 1988

Helen Margaret Walter (Royal College of Art/Victoria & Albert Museum), Tree’s Last of the Dandies: 1840s Fashionability on the Edwardian Stage

Stephen Wolgast (Kansas State University), Hoods Among Hoodies: Why American Students Still Don Academic Dress

Survival and Revival: Clothing Design that Survives and Fashion Trends that Are Revived

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