East is best: Is East London the centre of British fashion?’

A panel discussion organised by Helen Spencer and Belinda Naylor

20th September at 7pm

Oriole Bar

East Poultry Avenue

Smithfield Markets

London EC1A 9LH

Artists have always colonised impoverished areas in search of big spaces for cheap rent. For this reason, East London has long cultivated a thriving artistic community and ‘fashion centre’ that launched the careers of some of the world’s most successful designers, including Lou Dalton, Peter Jensen and Mary Katranzou. Such designers have sought out a community of those with similar goals and ideas.

On the close of London Fashion Week in partnership with Moet champagne, Award-winning cocktail bar Oriole will host a panel discussion on the significance of the space of East London in relation to design. Equally, they will discuss the influence journalists, academics and curators had on positioning East London amongst a global fashion stage.

The panel includes industry insiders at difference levels, including menswear designer Lou Dalton, Dal Choda, co-editor and founder of Archivist magazine, and Fiona McKay and Xenia Capacete Caballero, founders of the curation agency White Line Projects.

Questions for the panel are encouraged through @oriolebar using #eastisbest. Tickets are £15 and include a delicious Moet mini champagne cocktail.


Event – Panel discussion at Oriole on ‘East is best: Is East London the centre of British fashion?’, 20th September 2016

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