Recap – LCF Archive Tour with Jane Holt

On 4th December 2014, Senior Research Fellow and Archive Keeper Jane Holt led a tour of the London College of Fashion College Archive – ‘A collection of historical materials which chronicle the history of the College from its origins as two early needle trade schools until the 1970s’ - for lucky members of the Fashion Research Network. With her expert eye, Jane walked us through the wide-ranging collections which include paper documents, books, photographs, clothing, accessories and other objects. Using the materials as starting points, she adeptly discussed topics such as the beginning of the collection and its relationship to the school, individuals and the city, collecting missions and policies, challenges faced today, and her own fascinating research interests. The Archives are available on Tuesdays and Wednesday by appointment only. See here for more information. The FRN plans to organise a second tour in 2015 for those who were wait-listed and anyone else who is interested. But first, here are a few links (to six LCF collections that have been digitised) and visual highlights!

Cordwainers Shoe Collection

Woolmark Photographic Archive

History of the College Archive

Gala Cosmetic Archive

Paper Patterns Collection

Victor Stiebel Sketchbooks

Recap – LCF Archive Tour

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