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Future Scenarios Exhibition 

State of Fashion 2018, Searching for the New Luxury, 1st June- 2nd September 2018, Arnhem, the Netherlands 


During state of fashion 2018 | searching for the new luxury, the exhibition Future Scenarios presents a stimulating anthology of ground-breaking concepts and practices, in which innovation and a new imagination are guiding principles. Designers, brands and artists are invited to submit ideas and products that are about to break through to the market, or offer new perspectives on the fashion system, or in broader terms, on the things around us with which we interact. Today, not only designers and brands can be so-called drivers of change - an innovative business model or a new vision on social responsibility can also significantly change and improve the fashion chain and make it more sustainable. In the exhibition Future Scenarios we distinguish the different projects into five subcategories.

Scenario 1: New imagination of luxury

The new luxury relates to a new system of standards and values, focusing on conscious consumption. How do we imagine our desires and what products fit best with the durable relationships, contexts and values we want to connect with?

Scenario 2: Designing for better lives

The fashion industry must take responsibility, not only through socially responsible production, but also by using its influence to create better living environments and societies. How can (fashion) designers and artists initiate new initiatives and performances that can contribute to the social cohesion of our society?

Scenario 3: New business models

With the rise of the Internet and the webshop, small-scale and global fame can coincide nowadays. Seasonal collections, big investments and a compulsory catwalk show are therefore no longer necessary to achieve success. The relationship with the consumer has also become more direct. Nowadays, designers and brands can not only monitor what the consumer wants, but the consumer can also co-create the product, for example by choosing a colour or fabric, or getting partially custom-made clothes. In addition, the growing interest in sustainability and circular thinking leads to completely new business models, such as clothing libraries or lease concepts.

Scenario 4: The makers and the product in the spotlight

The Internet has introduced a radical transparency to the different layers within the production chain. It is also used as a tool to create online platforms that empower small-scale designers and local producers. In this way, resulting in more horizontal relationships between consumers and producers, and generating more attention for the makers and their craftsmanship. They do not only gain more recognition, but also higher rewards, because intermediaries like shops, producers and marketers are no longer necessary.

Scenario 5: Interdisciplinary relationships

The role of science is essential in the creation of sustainable or technological materials. Therefore, (fashion) designers initiate collaborations with engineers, biotechnologists, and computer and motion scientists at an early stage of their research. The results provide new products and insights.


Open Call Procedure

The open call for Future Scenarios opens on 1st July 2017 and closes on 30th September 2017. A panel of experts, consisting of state of fashion 2018 curator José Teunissen, a member of the International Advisory Board, and others, will select the final participants. The complete composition of the selection committee will be announced at a later stage.

The selected submissions form part of the Future Scenarios exhibition. The organisation invites the contestants of selected projects for the opening week of state of fashion 2018 | searching for the new luxury, where they will have access to all parts of the public programme as so-called drivers of change. In addition, state of fashion 2018 organises special events for the participants of Future Scenarios. Creating new connections and networks is the main goal of Future Scenarios. The exhibition forms an invitation for a conversation.

Download the criteria and guidelines for applications here. Follow the ‘send in project’ link to fill out the online application form. In case of any questions, please contact 


Open Call – Future Scenarios Exhibition, State of Fashion, 1st June-2nd September 2018, Arnhem, the Netherlands

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