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British Asian design – many faiths, many styles, many meanings

Monday 25 November 2013
18:00-19:00, followed by a reception
London College of Fashion
20 John Prince’s Street
London, W1G 0BJ


RSVP Essential: faithandfashion@fashion.arts.ac.uk


Uniquely catering to different religious communities and ethnicities, British South Asian fashion creates diaspora designs that trend around the world.

As part of a series of events at London College of Fashion on the theme of Faith and Fashion, Professor Reina Lewis talks to designer and entrepreneur Mani Kohli and Asiana Wedding magazine editor Anisha Vasani to explore the interaction between commerce, creativity and community.


Launched twenty five years ago, Kohli’s Khubsoorat collection has amassed loyal fans from Britain to Bollywood, whilst as editor of Asiana Wedding magazine and now also at Asiana TV, Vasani has had a front row seat on the Asian fashion scene, determining trends and building markets. Join them as they discuss Asian fashion design after ‘boho’, the significance of celebrity endorsement, and what the global fashion industry could learn about accommodating the design needs of a diverse customer base.





Fashion and Faith Talk 25th November 2013

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