Tudor Dress and Courtly Power

19.00 – 7th November 2017 

Hampton Court Palace 

Fashion was essential to convey messages of status, power and authority in the Tudor court. Henry VIII’s first Act of Parliament contained detailed Sumptuary Laws confining the use of certain fabrics, thus forbidding the same level of extravagance in his courtiers. When courtiers were subject to inevitable plots and rebellions, it was no surprise they used dress as a competitive weapon. Discover how sumptuous dress made it possible to climb the ranks within the Tudor court, and what happened when courtiers wore the wrong thing?


Eleri Lyn, fashion historian, author and curator at Historic Royal Palaces. She is the author of Tudor Fashion: Dress at Court, and has recently authenticated the only known surviving dress from Elizabeth I’s wardrobe. Her expertise includes historic underwear and couture fashion.  Eleri recently curated the exhibition, Diana: Her Fashion Story, currently open at Kensington Palace.

This is part of our season of evening talks at Hampton Court Palace on finding favour at court. The Tudor royal court entertained a vast community of people who provided the engine of the monarchy. From mistresses to politicians and servant to nobleman, who held the positions of power? Join us this autumn as we explore how courtiers moved up and down the Tudor court hierarchy in a dangerous game of snakes and ladders. Did they succeed or fail?

Tickets and further information via: https://www.hrp.org.uk/hampton-court-palace/explore/evening-talks-tudor-dress/#gs.lueq=gg 

Event – Tudor Dress and Courtly Power, 7th November 2017, Hampton Court Palace

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