Design Culture Salon

Imitation, Inspiration or Theft: What does intellectual property mean in a global design economy?

October 23rd, 6:30pm, Clore 55, V&A

The fine line between imitation and inspiration has always been a source of contention and debate in design. However the issue has come under greater scrutiny of late, in the context of the increasingly central role played by China and India in the global design economy. Here, the terms Intellectual Property (IP) function in different ways to Europe and America. This Salon will explore the possibilities and complexities of finding a common understanding of Intellectual Property across global design cultures and consider the implications of this for the future of design practice.


Professor Guy Julier, University of Brighton Principal Research Fellow in Contemporary Design

Tania Phipps-Rufus
, Doctoral Candidate in intellectual property and the cultural industry of fashion, University of Bristol
Mark Waugh, Head of Innovation, DACS
Arti Sandhu, Assistant Professor of Fashion Design at Columbia College, Chicago
Dr Landé Pratt, Senior Lecturer, Media and Communication, Kingston University, London
Dr Sarah Teasley, Head of Programme, History of Design, RCA

Website: http://designculturesalon.org/future-salons-2/

Event – Design Culture Salon – Imitation, Inspiration or Theft, 23rd October 2015, V&A London

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