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Wearable Futures Conference – 10th & 11th December 2013 – Ravensbourne, London, UK



The fashion, technology, and anthropology fields are converging in order to seek an aesthetic for wearable computing and smart materials. As Cho comments, “it is necessary to embed electronic functions in textiles so that both electronic functionality and textile characteristics are retained…combining wearable technology and clothing/textile science is essential to achieve smart clothing for real wearability” (Cho 2010). We propose, furthermore, that the future of wearable technology and smart materials will centre on the effective assimilation of need, functionality, accessibility and desirability. Achievements to date are formidable but further collaborative work is required to make wearable technology and smart materials part of our everyday lives. We therefore call for papers that demonstrate collaborative working across the fields of design, fashion, engineering and technology. Furthermore we would like to invite studies, which demonstrate how collaborative working is applied to the fields of smart materials and wearable technology, specifically in order to meet the needs of the future consumer.


This research strand is part of the Wearable Future Conference to be held at Ravensbourne on 10th and 11th December 2013. Wearable Futures 2013 is supported by the Digital Media Innovation Consultancy (part-funded by the European Regional Development fund). We welcome studies in the following areas:


·          Garments and accessories that embed computational and/or communication devices of any kind.

·          Intelligent fabrics.

·          The embedding of geo-location in garments or other wearable items

·          Future health monitoring technology integrated into clothing such as:

·          Baby pacifiers with integrated thermometers

·          Blankets from Phillips to help babies with jaundice through integrated LEDs

·          Jackets that monitor pressure levels in children with autism

·          Bras with cardiac monitoring capability

·          3D digital printing as a manufacturing alternative to Cut, Make, and Trim (CMT).

·          The use of wearable technologies and smart materials for future cities

·          User-centered design or ethnography in the field of wearable computing.


Researchers are invited to send a 200 word abstract and biography to support proposals, which can include papers, installations, demonstrators, presentations, concepts or exhibits.


Please send proposals to Caroline Gilbey

and Lizzie Jackson 

by Friday 25th October 2013. 


Researchers will be notified on Tuesday 29th October of outcome.


CFP – Wearable Futures Conference 10th-11th December 2013

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