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Sustainable Fashion Symposium, Exhibition & Journal, London Fashion Week, 18th September 2017 

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How can the fashion industry embrace sustainable design thinking to create innovative and strategic solutions; which address social and environmental exploitation through products and markets that support empowerment?

Taking place during London Fashion Week September 2017, the symposium will be an opportunity for designers, industry practitioners, higher education professionals and researchers to speak about their work and present research within the key themes of sustainable design, ethical production, retail and consumption, and education. The event will also feature a curated sustainable fashion exhibition alongside the symposium presentations and speakers.

Participants are invited to submit abstracts for a 15 minute presentation, and/or submit practice based work to be featured in the exhibition in relation to the following themes-

Sustainable Design: The value of design in social and environmental innovation including clothing, accessories and textile materials.

Ethically Made: Addressing the issues of supply chain exploitation through fair employment, innovation, sustainable materials, low waste production and eco-friendly manufacturing.

Retail & Consumption: The impact of consumer behaviour and decision making in relation to ethics and sustainability. Responsible advertising and cause related marketing. The role of retailers in recycling and product lifecycle.

Education: Reframing pedagogical approaches within fashion education to ensure a sustainable future.

For speaker presentations please submit abstracts of around 350 words and 60 words biography including email and affiliations.

To submit to the exhibition please submit images of the work or artefacts with description including its relation to ethics and sustainability, affiliations and 60 word biography.

Applications should be sent to Debbie Moorhouse at:

Submissions Deadline: 28th August 2017

The event will take place at a central London venue TBC for 1 day during London Fashion Week 15th-19th September 2017.

A journal of the event will be published to contribute to research and literary resources on the subject of sustainable fashion.



CFP – Sustainable Fashion Symposium, Exhibition & Journal, London Fashion Week, 18th September 2017

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