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Special Issue on Latin American/Latino Fashion, Style & Popular Culture


Guest Editors:

José Blanco f., Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors, University of Georgia

Raúl J. Vázquez-lópez,Romance Languages, University of Georgia



This special issue brings attention to the past, present and future of Latin American and Latino fashion and style as they relate to popular culture. The issue seeks scholarly research articles from a wide range of disciplines. We are interested in the cultural process of fashion and how meaning is created or derived from popular culture outlets that reflect or discuss fashion and style. Our aim is to explore the creative output of fashion and style in popular culture not only in Latin American countries but also as it has evolved in the hands of those who migrated to other areas. Research on the balance between globalized and unique local identities expressed through fashion and popular culture is also welcomed, including discussions of Latino stereotypes and diverging ideas of beauty, style and formality. Some central issues are those related to fashion, style and popular culture as a reflection of Latin American lifestyles and cultural diversity,and the of fashion and style identities. We are also interested in the development of the fashion system in the area, including emerging markets, designers, brands and venues and shifting values and perceptions of fashion and style in popular culture as a result of globalization.


Possible topics include but are not limited to:

• Fashion and style in the context of popular literature, music, film,

television,telenovelas, beauty pageants, soccer, comic strips, etc.

• Dance and fashion (from tango to reggaeton).

• Ideals of beauty, body image, full-figure women and gender issues.

• Fashion and style stereotypes.

• Fashion migration, national identity and memory, subcultural identities and power relations.

• Latin American fashion and style in the shadow of colonization and dictatorships.

• Connections between urban fashion and rural traditions, reappropriation of fashion and style.

• Postmodern fashion in Latin American/Latino communities.

• The impact of popular culture products from the United States, Europe and other areas.

• Religious and social events such as weddings, quinceañera parties, etc.

• Style for the workplace and formal events.

• Festival, carnival and other celebrations.

• Sustainability, DIY, manufacturing and sweatshops in Latin America.

• Impact of trade agreements on fashion and popular culture production.

• Global impact of Latin American designers.

• Luxury brands in Latin America.

• Latin American/Latino fashion and style as disseminated in artistic, academic, media and social media venues.


Manuscripts should be approximate 5,000 words and prepared using the Intellect Journal House Style which may be accessed at:


Deadline for manuscripts is: 1st February 2014

Please send manuscripts to: José Blanco F.:  or Raul J. Vazquez-Lopez:

CFP – Special Issue in Latin American and Latino Fashion

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