Call for Papers:

FEEDING FASHION ENERGY: New Pathways for Fashion Education

Fashion Colloquia Milano 21-22/09/2015

Domus Academy

The Parsons new School for Design

Institut Français de la Mode

London College of Fashion

The themes of food and energy for life are central themes within the Expo World Trade Fair taking place this year in Milan.

This premise seems to naturally move towards the nourishing of energy as a prominent phenomenon in our lives. Fashion is a cultural industry that works as a body in which all organs are contributing to generate the right output.

Our contribution to this global event is to call for an international forum to review fashion education.

The success of fashion globally is indisputable and the constant challenge for us involved in its education is to strive to provide graduates that are able to make effective contributions to this exciting and fast-paced industry.

The richness of this industry, and the opportunities it provides, demands that we offer a dynamic and responsive route to education. Our concern is that perhaps we in fashion education have been guilty of continuing to offer models and teaching formats that remain firmly rooted in the last century of thinking and delivery – the question this observation inspires is: do we need to think creatively and act differently?

In these circumstances we are calling for a global conversation that reviews both our former, current and future pathways within fashion education. In particular, we need to identify our strengths, what is effective and valuable.

Yet concurrently we must also have the courage to identify our short-comings – where and what we need to improve, We also have to think are some of these issues local or are these broader global issues – and if these are the latter, then how might we help/exchange with other locations to respond to these situations.

Fashion is a global phenomenon and undoubtedly we need to fully consider a coordinated global response.

We argue that the timing of Expo event here in Milan offers us the perfect opportunity to call for contributions to this international review of fashion education. We want to hear the voices of fashion educators from across the globe – so please come to Milan.

Yet we also feel that we need to open up our forum to voices from outside and beyond academia. Therefore, we would be very interested to hear from other contributions to inspire our thinking (from: students, new graduates, artists, storytellers, industry professionals, media and journalists etc.).

Accordingly, we would like to invite proposals, abstracts, videos (etc.), to contribute to these intensive two days of examination here in Milan.

We want to hear about good practice, new ideas, and challenges for the future. We want people from all types of background, interested in the future of fashion, to contribute – to challenge us and come to Milan and to make a difference for the future of fashion! Timing for presenters will be condensed in 7 minutes plus Q&A please make it strong make it clear!

Please submit your idea here (the deadline will be 30th June 2015 – send your contribution to –

Of course, not everyone might want to present, so if you would rather just attend, then please register at: stating why you would like to attend and what you feel you will get from this attendance.

CFP: Feeding Fashion Energy: New Pathways for Fashion Education, Milan 2015

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