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French Historical Studies

French Historical Studies seek articles for a special issue on the theme of fashion in French history to appear in 2020.

It is not very long ago that the history of fashion was not considered a legitimate or respectable focus of historical interest.  It was lightweight stuff—all right for journalists and popularizers more interested in puff than in the hard, nasty business of real historical research. This has changed dramatically in the last thirty years—dating from the publication of Valerie Steele’s Paris Fashion: A Cultural History (1988)—and fashion has become the focus of some of the most sophisticated and interesting work of a new generation of scholars.

Our notion of possible approaches to this topic is capacious, as befits the wide range of scholarship currently being done: Fashion as aesthetics; fashion as work; fashion as social comment; fashion as revolutionary (or counter-revolutionary) discourse; fashion as shopping; fashion as business; fashion as an artifact of war and occupation; fashion as a weapon of imperialism; fashion as an expression of gender; fashion as an element of ethnic and class identity; fashion as a political strategy or the object of repression (think Zoot Suits and veils).  All is potentially grist for our mill.

Queries about submission and other matters should be addressed to the guest editors: Maude Bass-Krueger (, Sophie Kurkdjian (, and Steve Zdatny (

To submit an article, visit After registering, follow the submission instructions under “Instructions for Authors” on the website.  Articles may be in either English or in French but must in either case conform to French Historical Studies style (for details, see and must be accompanied by 150-word abstracts in both French and English.  Manuscripts should be between 6,000 and 10,000 words.  For any illustrations authors must obtain written permission for both print and online publication from the relevant persons or institutions.  The deadline for submissions is July 1, 2018.

CFP – Fashion themed issue of French Historical Studies

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