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Dress and War: Clothing and Textiles at Home and Abroad during the First World War Era, 1910–1920

The Association of Dress Historians (ADH) has officially announced the Call For Papers for the next International Conference of Dress Historians, to be held on Friday, 26 October 2018.

The First World War ended on 11 November 1918. The Association of Dress Historians will observe the centenary of the end of the First World War by hosting an international conference that explores clothing and textiles at home and abroad during the First World War Era, 1910–1920. The ADH welcomes conference paper proposals from all regions of the world.

Topics of potential conference papers could include (but are not limited to) interdisciplinary approaches to the following, within the time period, 1910–1920:

  • The effect of war on dress, and dress on war;
  • The significance of military uniforms during wartime and peacetime;
  • Governmental restrictions on clothing during wartime;
  • The import/export of clothing and textiles during wartime;
  • Technological developments of textiles and industrial processes;
  • Colours, dyes, and dress;
  • Art historical topics of dress and war;
  • Clothing as propaganda and/or recruitment during wartime;
  • Wartime dress in the press and literature;
  • Business and economic history cases pertaining to dress during 1910–1920;
  • ANY dress or textile topic within the 1910–1920 time period.

The conference venue will be the historic Art Workers’ Guild, 6 Queen Square, London, WC1N 3AT, England.

The deadline for conference paper proposal submissions is 23:59 GMT, 30th January 2018. All paper proposals must be emailed to as a .doc or .docx attachment and include the following required elements:

Affiliation (with city and country)
Email address
Descriptive paper title
200–word (maximum) abstract (without footnotes or bibliography)
100–word (maximum) biography (written in essay format in the third person)
One high-resolution jpg image that represents your paper (attached separately in the email, not inserted into the .doc or .docx)
A complete citation/reference for the image

Please note that if you are accepted as a conference speaker, the above proposal information (minus your email address) will be published, as is, in the conference programme.

All conference paper presentations are 20 minutes in length.

Conference speakers are encouraged (though not required) to submit a 4000– to 6000–word article, based on their conference presentation, for publication consideration to The Journal of Dress History, the academic publication of The Association of Dress Historians.

For more information, please email: 

CFP – Dress and War: Clothing and Textiles at Home and Abroad during the First World War Era, 1910–1920, 26th October 2018, London

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