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dObra[s] – Brazil


Deadline: 31st May 2014


Publication Standards

The magazine dObra[s] accepts original articles from autonomous researchers or those linked to private or public institutions. The texts must be in Portuguese and typed on Microsoft Word (.doc) text editor. The author must send a short curriculum with a maximum of 300 characters (with spaces). It is the author’s decision whether to make his e-mail address available for contact.



The articles must not exceed 30.000 characters, including spaces (approximately 15 pages), in Arial font, body 12, spacing 1,5, 3 cm borders and page numbering, including references, notes, images, graphs, tables, etc. The articles must be accompanied by a title, in Portuguese and English, by a summary of up to 10 lines and abstract, key words (maximum 5 words).


The references must be at the end of the text in alphabetical order by author and chronological order for titles by the same author, followed by: Work title. Edition number (when available). City: publisher, year, number of pages.


The references must also be cited in brackets in the body of the text, with the author’s surname,the year of edition and page number (for direct quotation). Example: (Costa, 2000, p.10).


The notes, concise and informative, must be at the end of the text. The graphs and tables must be digitalized with an indication of where they should be inserted in the text. As well as numbered and titled, they must have the references of the sources.


The images must be of public domain or they must have a written authorization from the author of the image. They must be digitalized in JPG format, 20 cm of width (and hight proportionally), with 300 dpi (resolution) and identified to be associated with the subtitles and credits (compulsory). Not all images suggested will be necessarily used. The editorial board reserves the right to print images in colour or black and white, according to the magazine’s convenience.


Only texts that meet the recommendations explained above will be analyzed. The texts will be evaluated by the Editorial Board, which aiming publication, reserves the right to suggest modifications to the authors. The selected texts maybe published in any edition of dObra[s], with prior notification to the authors. The texts that are not selected for publication will not be returned to the author.


By authorizing the disclosure of the text in dObra[s], the author gives the right to publish unpublished material, including in an electronic version. However, with the permission of the editors, the author is allowed to publish the text in other media, printed or digital, in Portuguese or translated, provided that the credit is given to the magazine.The publication of the text gives the author the right to receive a copy of themagazine.The text content is the sole responsibility of the author. By submitting the article, the author acknowledges and agrees with all the above specifications.


Submissions should be sent to the publisher Estação das Letras e Cores in the care of Tula Fyskatoris. E-mail:


This edition to be launched at Colóquio de Moda, 30th August-3rd September 2014:


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