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2018 AAH Annual Conference, Courtauld Institute of Art & King’s College, London. 
5th– 7th April 2018

Dangerous Bodies – Look Out! Fashioned Bodies on the Boundaries 

Dangerous Bodies AAH

Panel Convenors:

Dr. Royce Mahawatte. Cultural Studies, Central Saint Martins, London.

Dr. Jacki Willson. Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds.


This panel explores the cultural intersection between bodies, fashion and transgression. Bodies are political players in culture -  what role do fashioned bodies play in resistance, in meeting governmental boundaries or institutional power? Fashion is an aspect of modern warfare. Style can defend and attack in cultural space. How do fashioned bodies occupy the grey area between social control and the resistance to power? In relation to Judith Butler and Athena Athanasiou’s idea of the ‘performative in the political’ (2013) this session would like to consider how fashioned bodies – which are ‘revolting’, ‘laughing’, ‘unruly’, ‘grotesque’, ‘contaminating’, explicit, or silent and still – enact resistant strategies of protest.


We welcome readings of historical fashion media. How do governmental changes find embodiment in eighteenth-century masquerade, nineteenth century fashion cultures, Modernist imagery? How does fashion intersect with race and gender discourses where colonialism, capitalism and embodiment are inextricably linked? To this end, this session would also like to consider the way that dress has been used emblematically to symbolize specific recent activist moments – for instance the woman in the flowing black dress in the Black Lives Matter demonstration in July 2016 or the ‘woman in red’ who became a symbol of protest in Turkey in 2013. How do acts of fashioned stillness (not passivity), play, refusal or rage mediate conflict, and challenge, critique or attack violent regimes? In what way does the artistic and deliberate use of fashion and the transgressive body differ from digital exposure which is not a deliberate part of a discursive framework?



We welcome multi-disciplinary papers that engage with this topic from Art History and Critical Practice, Cultural Studies, Fashion Critical Studies, Film and Literary Studies, Performance Studies, Politics and International Studies, Sociology, Gender, Queer, LGBTI and Critical Race Studies.


Please send a 250 word abstract to the panel convenors by the deadline of 6th November 2017.

CFP – Dangerous Bodies – Look Out! Fashioned Bodies on the Boundaries, Panel, AAH Annual Conference, 5th-7th April 2018, London, UK

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