Call for Contributors:

“Wearing Memories”

New York’s Museum at FIT is inviting the public to participate in its project ”Wearing Memories.” This initiative asks contributors to tell the story of a garment that is meaningful to them, and requires only a short write-up and a simple photograph. Do you have a garment that holds special meaning? Know someone with a great story to tell? Are you part of a fashion community?

“Wearing Memories” coincides with an upcoming History Gallery exhibition, Fashion Unraveled, opening 29th May 2018. The exhibition will examine the concept of imperfection in fashion, featuring garments that are altered, unfinished, or deconstructed, in addition to clothing that shows signs of wear. Fashion Unraveled will highlight the aberrant beauty in flawed garments and provide compelling narratives about their makers and/or wearers.

Select entries from “Wearing Memories” will be chosen for inclusion in the exhibition, and other entries may be featured on a corresponding website.

The museum requests that your entries be submitted no later than 7th May 2018. The details of the project, including examples, can be found here.


Call for Contributors – Wearing Memories, Museum at FIT New York, USA

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